Totally Trailer Definition-


Adverb   [toht-l-ee]

Completely; Absolutely; California surfer lingo


Noun   [trey-ler]

Unpowered vehicle towed by another; Something you see flying past you in a tornado; Short excerpt from an upcoming movie

Why this defines us: We capture the true essence of being “Totally Trailer” because we are completely and absolutely towed around by our truck, we are totally from California, we will be in the throngs of tornado aftermath to help people rebuild, and we make movies on YouTube!


What do we do?: We live and travel the country in our RV. Travel is what we do, it’s who we are, what drives us and what calls to us. All three of us felt a calling to hit the open road and serve others. Following God’s path and living day by day, we travel the country to bring awareness to the needs of others and missions trips within the U.S. (without the need for a passport).


2WideAre we insane?: We’re actually not crazy, our reality is just different from others. We love our hot showers, a good home cooked meal and we are not signing up to go with some radical organization to glue the bark back on trees. But going home has always been a foreign concept to our family. What is home? Does it have to be the house in the suburbs with the white picket fence? As firm believers in living life outside the box (and listening when God speaks) we finally realized that home really is where our heart is. Our heart just happens to be on wheels and our passion is in using our gifts for good (not evil), wherever this path may lead us.


Why we started this journey: We felt a deep desire to do more with our lives. We felt like we weren’t really using our strengths, gifts and abilities to their fullest potential. We prayed about it and then we did what any other right minded person would do and we left behind established careers, a comfortable house with awesome neighbors and Haley’s lifelong school for a totally uncharted adventure traveling the U.S. in our RV to meet and serve complete strangers.


MoonDonkeyWho are we?

Glyn- Definition: King of the road, list maker, chauffeur, love of Jena’s life, cat forehead sniffing enthusiast, insatiable YouTube fan.

Jena- Definition: Queen of the rolling castle, keeper of the laundry, the jokester, storyteller, warm weather seeker, proud wife and momma.

Haley- Definition: The “mini me”, bibliophile, straight “A” smarty pants, debate seeker, novel writing, conversation enthusiast who loves to laugh.

Jo-C- Definition: Feline princess, diva, furry baby, attention hog, snuggle bug, the one who gets her forehead sniffed.


Why it works for us: The digital nomad lifestyle allows us the freedom to be creative in new environments, the flexibility to explore the country, the mobility to help those in need and the opportunity to experience it all together, as a family. Thankfully, we genuinely like each other’s company and have an incredibly strong bond (which keeps us from wanting to strangle each other in such close quarters)! The glue that holds it all together though, is our faith in Jesus!


Our favorite places: 

MrsJones2Glyn- Sitting in amphitheater in Delphi all by himself imagining the past. Hanging out with sea turtles in Kauai. Racing off road in the Baja 1000. The top of the Eiffel Tower, beaches and shores of Normandy. Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

Jena- Lake Powell, hiking lava fields and going down to the center of an extinct volcano’s core. Every cave I have ever been in, ghost towns, anywhere warm, visiting a private island in Fiji.

Haley- Hiking through mud caves, historic mining town of Jerome, Finding rope swings under a waterfall in Kauai jungle. Tubing in the rainforest and crouching under an old wooden railroad trestle at night as a train barrels over.


What we have in common: Love of adventure, resilience, our faith, learning new things, exploring the unknown and socializing with people from all walks of life, giving back to others (and buffets, we love buffets).




Want to know more?: Both of our parents are still happily married (which is uncommon these days) and both Glyn and Jena grew up on boats and traveling with our parents. Moments of sailing, skiing, canoeing and camping are forever ingrained in our memories and helped shape the people we are today. Because of those experiences, we wanted to open those same doors of opportunity for Haley to explore, discover and dream big!

3ofusOur testimony:
 All three of us are Christians. We’ve all grown up as believers, and our walk has been different for each of us….until now!

Glyn is a PK (Pastor’s kid) and literally grew up in a church. His faith continued to strengthen through Christian school, music and life experiences. Jena’s parents are also followers of Christ and Jena placed her trust in God early on as she battled multiple stomach surgeries as a pre-teen. Haley came along as a miracle baby and has always been fortunate enough to attend a private Christian school. Although Haley accepted Jesus into her life at a young age, she too experienced difficult challenges and medical conditions before reaching the age of 13.

For over a year, we had prayed for God’s guidance on how we could use our abilities to better serve HIM with our lives. We had a passion for helping others, to make an impact and to provide life lessons and life changing experiences for our daughter. We all felt a calling to some sort of missionary/ministry field. Unfortunately, with work, school obligations and numerous other responsibilities we never thought we would be in a position to pursue that calling. Nevertheless, we continued to pray……


The call: Over the course of two months and multiple minor miracles, major opportunities began to present themselves and we found doors opening for us (the same doors that were previously closed and locked shut) and a path being laid ahead of us. We were being called to travel the country to provide missionary work, volunteering through various organizations and disaster relief rebuilding. We gladly answered the call and chose to accept the mission. In doing so, we sold everything we own (and we mean everything) to move into our RV on an epic journey to serve. We want to be the bridge that joins people that want to help, with those that need help.


What is Navigating Hope?: Navigating Hope is our new ministry and organization to bring people together. We love Navigating Hope because it offers so many ways to get involved and make big impacts within our own country. From fellow RVers looking for a unique Work Camping opportunity, to personally handing out Action Bibles and building relationships with kids in need, to volunteering at a fun community outreach event. Navigating Hope lets you donate your time, your prayers, a Bible, a gift, your friendship or your talents; because building relationships is what changes lives, not money! We are passionate about helping others and if we have piqued your curiosity or if you feel “a calling” to do something too, please reach out to us at:; we would love to hear from you.


Join us on our adventures: We are “Totally Social”, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions, send some love, contribute, pray for us or share your story too…we’d love to hear from you.



We may not know where we are going, but we hope you’ll follow us anyway!