Officially Nomads


Yo ho, yo ho a nomad’s life for me…..


The definition of the word nomad is: “A person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer”.

Although we felt like the Beverly Hillbillies, we had planned, prepped and dreamt of our official “moving day” for months (even years).

Cleaning, sorting, packing and storing took much longer than expected and no matter how much we sold and donated we still ended up with a lot of “stuff” left over. Thanks to parents and our boat storage unit, we got everything out of our house and officially went nomad.

We were so busy running last minute errands like picking up our mail from our PO box, going to the bank (since we won’t have a branch on the road), picking up dry cleaning (since that will be few and far between as a nomad) and stocking up on last minute supplies, that the last week in our house, we were averaging 4 hours of sleep a night! We were sleeping on the floor and living out of a toiletry bag so we could empty and clean every room in the house. It was a mad dash to the finish line, but we handed over the keys to our house (only two days behind schedule).

There may or may not have been tears shed doing our final walk through of our house (oh, who am I kidding, it was me…I’m a sap) and we all took a last stroll through the house reminiscing on the memories shared there.

It was truly a surreal moment when we walked out of the house for the last time and walked over to our “new home” which sat at the curb like a chariot in waiting. We folded up our stairs, hugged our neighbors one last time and literally road off into the sunset unsure of what our future may hold.

We all took a deep breath realizing that we accomplished a tall feat; we actually achieved a dream! We made a plan and commitment and we stuck to it. We did it, we were mobile and on a mission!

That sigh of relief was short lived knowing that we have many new upcoming complexities, challenges and uncertainties that lay ahead for us.

Never a dull moment, never in one place for very long and always a new adventure…which is exactly how we like it!

Here’s to new beginnings, taking risks and leaping outside our comfort zone, while keeping our eyes focused upwards.



Picking up the U-Haul for taking stuff out to our boat storage (owner was super cool and prayed over us)



The last week in her room, looked like this….Hey, at least she always has a roof over her head!



Jo-C was very curious on her first “test” car ride…and a little too independent to be in her carrying cage



Since storage space is not an option, we had to vacuum seal our winter clothes in order to take them with us. We joke that we have huge MRE’s with us. That’s all my beautiful sweaters and jeans right there 🙂



This is what our room looked like for the last week in the house. Let me just say…that floor was a LONG way down!



Headed out to Arizona with our stuff in the U-Haul, was a quick overnight trip to drop everything off



I wasn’t joking that we donated a lot….everything in this photo was donated (yes it filled our dining room)



Making our new house a “home” with little touches like this personalized hand towel from our friends (the three hearts symbolize the three of us…awww)



Little miss independent is much happier looking outside and watching the world go by



These two are turning out to be quite the travel buddies



Our countdown board at zero days…wow, that went fast!



We just walked out of our house for the last time, locked the trailer and had a mother-daughter “moment”



Our house at the far right as we drive away for the last time….bitersweet

And so the journey begins……..



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