Parting is such sweet sorrow….


This post is devoted to all of the remarkable people that have touched our hearts and our lives forever and to the new friendships and bonds that we look forward to creating along the way.


When we decided to go on the road full-time and travel in our RV, we knew there would be trying times ahead of us. We knew it would require a tremendous amount of physical work to retrofit our rig, move out of our house, sell our belongings and sort personal items for storage.

In addition to the physical stresses, we also experienced an intense emotional side to saying goodbye.

We had to say goodbye to family, friends, co-workers, classmates, mentors, church leaders, neighbors, our car, our house, our stuff, our jobs and the familiarity and consistency of a well-established (and happy) life in San Diego.

The tug on the heart strings with every goodbye hug was undeniable, however each one of us felt a sense of peace knowing that we were being called to this journey. As hard as it was to say goodbye and as scary as the “unknown” was (and still is), we can’t shake our excitement and anticipation to travel and serve.

Considering we all grew up in the area; San Diego is “our home” and we assured everyone (and ourselves) that we would be back. In lieu of saying goodbye, we said “au revoir” or “until next time” and road off into the sunset (no really…we actually left at sunset)!

Our new path does not have a time limit or expiration date. We never know where we are needed and where we are going next, or even what the future holds for us. One thing is certain though, we might be “houseless” but we are not homeless. Home is what you make it…..Our home might be small and on wheels and our backyard views are ever changing, but we also know that we have a whole community of loved ones and support system back in a city that we love.

We have learned through this process that it’s not the stuff in life that is important, it’s the people in our lives that are priceless!

So goodbye, adios, hasta la vista, Ciao, Au Revoir, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, do svidaniya, bon voyage and until next time……..



Our old home and our new home together one last time


Goodbye BBQ with our awesome neighbors


The love of grandparents and plenty of laughter


Our last High School youth group at Riverview


The Jones Gang


Surrounded by classmates and lots of love


Because high school youth leaders aren’t supposed to be “normal” (or maybe this IS the new normal)!


It’s hard to be sad while relaxing in the pool with friends


Blessings and hugs from Chace, the high school youth pastor



She’s a great grandma and a “great” grandmother too!



Our last service with Pastor Mel, such a blessing



A big hug from the pastor’s son



We may be friends, but we feel more like family



Enjoying a cupcake with this sweetpea as she says goodbye to her favorite babysitter



Beach day was unusually cold, but still fun



Last service with our youth pastor



Coffee date with long time friends



Goodbye smiles for a close circle of friends



Our goodbye cake from the High School Ministry



Such a sweet friend




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