“Outlaws” in Sedona

Off-roading on Sedona’s Outlaw Trail was an inspiring and muddy journey through God’s amazing creation!


The city of Sedona evokes many emotions from visitors. From the red and orange stained skyline, to the jagged rocks that seem to pierce the bright blue sky, to the calm and tranquil atmosphere…Sedona truly is a diamond in the rough.

One of the best features of Sedona is the ability to venture off on hiking trails, biking and off road trails to really experience the true beauty of Sedona’s back-country.

We were fortunate enough to find the friendly staff at Sedona ATV and rented the four- seat RZR for the day. Due to the snowy conditions, we could not take the Schnebly Hill road that we had our hearts set on exploring. Instead, we found ourselves on the Outlaw Trail and I’m so glad we did!

Before long, we felt like true outlaws fleeing the town confines to find ourselves in the middle of the wild west. Surrounded by jagged rocks, cacti, red dirt and washouts, this rough and tough trail was exciting to navigate and gave us a 360 degree, panoramic view of Sedona.

Sedona ATV provided us with all of the gear, a picture book and a “there is no way you can screw this up” map of the trail. They even gave us two blankets; however, the cold was so piercing that day, no amount of blankets could save us. The Totally Trailer Trio was so, ridiculously bundled up that we actually looked like bandits, which ended up befitting this rugged Outlaw Trail! When I say we were bundled, that might be an understatement, considering I had on four layers, a turtleneck, scarf and face cover, earmuffs and headband (under my helmet), long underwear, three pairs of socks inside my Columbia snow boots and four packets of hand warmers! I wore a whole department store that day and is was absolutely worth it.

The trail consisted of steep rocky ledges (that required careful wheel placement), ancient red rock arroyos, desert-brush landscaping, Indian ruins and went through Sedona’s western canyons. Adding to the adventure of the day, it even delicately snowed on us near the Honanki Ruins.

The adventure also brought us to the Vultee Arch Trail and the famous Devil’s Bridge hike which are each their own mini adventures.We had an expert driver (hubby) but no matter how careful we were, we still ended up caked in red clay mud that sprayed up the sides of the RZR and coated us like an art canvas. Speckled from head to toe, the splashes were a reminder of the fun we’d had that day.

Considering Sedona covers over 19 square miles of gorgeous countryside, there is no better way to see the land than cruising in an off-road vehicle. The ATV ride was an overload of the senses: feeling the bumps in the rugged road, seeing the richly pigmented landscape, experiencing the adrenaline rush of navigating rocky crevices and tasting the freedom of the great outdoors.

There is so much to see and do in Sedona and just when you think you’ve seen it all…you discover a new hidden gem. Totally Trailer invites you to get outdoors and get dirty in Sedona!

The Sedona area has a plethora of places to stay, eat, camp and is surrounded by some of the best and scenic RV camp spots.

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Sedona ATVOur RZR chariot for the day and little one ready to get dirty!



Map and detailed picture book with “you can’t screw this up directions” provided by Sedona ATV (by the way, we still took a wrong turn)!



Red, green and blue…some of our favorite colors perfectly blended in nature



Live action selfie in Sedona



Passing the Honanki Heritage Site



Parked out front of the Honanki Ruins Site (equipped with muddy blankets and all)



The texture, the colors and the formations are simply breathtaking out here in Sedona



Awww…Outlaw Love



Check out the different colors in this landscape, can you see the snow falling from that dark cloud in the background?



The trusty GoPro, always ready for some adventure and action!


Sedona ATV

The family of bandits on the Outlaw Trail is a little too realistic here!



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