We thought we were “The Best in The Desert”?

The massive amounts of dirt flying, mud-slinging and cheers added to the sheer adventure and excitement of this race!


Parker, AZ is well known for their off-road racing events and although this isn’t the famed Parker 425,(or Parker 500 back in the day), it was the “Best in the Desert Race” sponsored by the nearby Blue Water Inn.

We got up close and personal with the Corona Trophy Truck (and crew), and cheered on local racers as well as big names like RockStar Energy Drink, Monster Energy Drink, Corona and many more.  With three low flying helicopters catching each twist and turn, the unmistakable dirt rising from the earth could be seen enveloping the town of Parker for miles away.

In the thick of it, your heart skips a beat when they all start the engines at the same time, rev ‘em up and take off. And you can’t help but cheer when these powerful Trophy Trucks take the curves on the outside and violently kick up so much dirt, that it looks like a mini dust storm or an Arizona haboob.

The intense sun, spectators and the smell of high octane gasoline made the Parker Best in the Desert Race a fun (albeit very dirty) day! In fact, we enjoyed it so much, we had to take a second shower when we got home (and we think we brought back half of the dirt race track with us)!

Although most people camped and brought their RV’s to the Blue Water Inn, the Totally Trailer gang stayed at a campground on the river.


Dust encircles the town of Parker and can be seen from miles away
The Corona truck was one of the leaders in the series and the crew were are friendly and let us take a peek inside their truck and massive semi set up!
Waiting at the starting line….these trucks are itching to get going
The Corona truck is ready for some fun
We were warmly welcomed in to experience the giant Corona setup
Get outside and get dirty at an off-road race, it’s a lot of fun to watch!
Action shot! Caught the YouTheory truck mid embankment
Same embankment, different truck and a lot more dirt flinging!


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