Parking in Parker (we did more than park though too)!

With so many fun day trips within easy driving distance, it’s no wonder the town of Parker is such a great camp spot!


No matter what time of year we visit Parker, AZ there is always something to do and someplace new to explore.

Parker, AZ sits right on the Colorado River and is well known to river enthusiasts and is a great place to float and boat on those hot Arizona days.

This visit, we didn’t come to Parker to play on the water….we came to explore ghost towns, old mining towns, World War II internment camps, a little off road racing action and to take in the radiant Arizona sunsets.

The town of Parker holds quite a bit of history having been established in 1909 for the sole purpose of being a railroad stopover, watering and shipping station. The majority of land in and around the town of Parker is owned by the Colorado River Indian Tribe, which represents the tribes of the Mohave, Chemehuevis, Navajos and Hopi.

The reservation was actually established as an act of Congress in 1865, prior to the actual “town” of Parker existed. There is also a beautiful museum and library that offer a plethora of insight into the tribe’s heritage and traditions. The railroad holds a considerable amount of economic value to the town and the landmark train depot fittingly sits in the middle of the town for all to see. Summer, winter, spring or fall, Parker is a quaint town surrounded by an area rich in culture and history.

Any time of year, there are plenty of places to park your RV and do some camping and sightseeing around Parker. Bring your boat, your off road buggies and your RV/Trailer and be sure to take in all that this area has to offer!


Camp spot right on the water and tucked under some much needed shade
Just steps to the Colorado River
Historic Train Depot in the heart of town
This very polite sign is welcoming us to Parker!
Classic old railroad tracks expand across the Colorado River as the sun sets in the background
Up close and personal with the train bridge and the fast moving river below


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