Totally Trailer Welcomes a new baby Ford

Give us a moment of silence for our dearly departed Chevy Suburban.


This was not just a car, this was our trusty steed that allowed us many adventures and the car that our little one grew up in.

After we bought the car twice over with repairs, we stepped into new territory with dare I say…..a FORD!

We did an extended amount of research comparing the Chevy Silverado and the new Ford F150. I spent countless hours researching and reviewing, hubby spent hours watching test drive videos of each truck going head to head while towing and multiple test drives found us buying a new Ford F150 Supercrew.  Although hubby really liked the Silverado’s tow mirrors (that came standard), we felt the Ford blew the Chevy away in every other category that was important to us (and trust me I was a hard sell since I grew up a Chevy girl).

The new F150 is built with an aluminum frame which makes it lighter and really easy to drive. We also went with the twin turbo 3.5L Ecoboost engine, which offers an astounding 11,900lb towing capacity.  The Supercrew is enormous and offers more room in the back than the Suburban and little one has mounds of room (although already at my height, hopefully she doesn’t grow into it too much more)!

The Ford is a breeze to drive, so much so, that I forget I’m driving a truck sometimes. It’s smooth, quiet and exceedingly comfortable.  The 3.5L Ecoboost delivers 365 horsepower and 420lb-ft of torque….(que the Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt). Not only does it give us the power for towing, but the interior is a lot more comfortable than the Silverado. I felt like I was in a big ole’ truck in the Chevy. It drove more rigid and the seats were not nearly as comfortable as the enveloping F-150’s seats.

Between the backup camera, heated seats and all the bells and whistles of a luxury car…on top of the super duty tow power, built-in trailer brake and it received a 5 star safety rating…the Totally Trailer gang is very excited!

We can’t wait for even more RV and trailer travels and stories to share.


 2015 Ford F150 Super Sport
On the lot before driving it home for the first time
Palm Spring Ford F150 2015 truck towing RV trailer
We found out that the new baby likes Palm Springs!
2015 Ford F150 towing new 2015 Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer
Already making friends (well this is a forced friendship since they are attached)!


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