Hidden Kumeyaay Pictographs and Our New Apartment…shhh…..

This well -kept secret of the Anza Borrego Desert State Park is worth the trip and exploration to find it.


There are no roads, no maps, no directions to this Kumeyaay dwelling site.

Grab your 4×4, a hiking stick, some water and be sure to bring your best investigative skills to seek out this historical location. High above the valley floor, the rocks and boulders look like something out of the old Flintstones cartoons.

The hike takes you back to 1500 AD when the Kumayaay people roamed the land. We imagined walking barefoot along the sharp rocks and vegetation as well as the cruel thought of surviving the harsh weather conditions (extreme heat and cold). Although the site was not too far from where we parked, every rock outcropping looked like it was the rock shelter we were looking for. Exploring the area you can see how these rock outcroppings must have provided a tremendous amount of shade, protection and exceptional viewing over the entire valley for the Kumeyaay people. When we finally found the La Rumerosa style pictographs, we were in awe of the simple, yet intricate details and designs. Makes you wonder what they were thinking when they drew that picture and what they all meant.

La Rumerosa style is characterized by polychrome rectangular and curvilinear designs using red, black, yellow and white. They used a lot of sunbursts, divided circles, bold lines and simple stick figures. The style is linked to the Kumeyaay Indians around 1500 AD and these pictographs can be seen in the Southern United States and Mexico. The images were well preserved and many people who have visited are doing their part to keep them protected, by never divulging the location. Not only were the pictographs themselves interesting, but we found the entire surrounding area fascinating. There were overhangs and hidden entries behind large boulders that must have been rooms and living quarters back in 1500 AD. Smoothed rocks perfectly shaped as chairs (they were actually quite comfortable and perfectly rounded for the gluteus maximus) and smooth long rocks that would have made a perfect bed.

Little one and I spent the majority of the afternoon in our new “apartment”. We found it cozy, cool and protected and it took a lot of convincing to get us to leave! If there was a buffet nearby, I think we would have moved in!

Totally Trailer does not recommend accessing these primitive roads with an RV or trailer. There are many RV camp options in Anza Borrego Desert State Park (many are free) as well as RV parks and campgrounds in the surrounding area. Happy Camping and Hiking!

Hidden Pictographs Anza Borrego State Park

Little one found a bone and poses happily in front of the hidden pictographs
Indian Kumeyaay Pictographs secret Anza Borrego hike
La Rumerosa style Kumeyaay Pictographs from 1500 AD- we like the long armed man!
Indian terriorty Anza Borrego Pictograph hike
Our favorite Where’s Waldo photo of the area (can you spot hubby?)
Indian lookout Anza Borrego State Park hiking trails
It’s hard to tell just how high up we were, but this seat was the perfect lookout
rock climbing bouldering hiking Anza Borrego Desert San Diego
Steps up into another hidden opening
Indian Morteros Anza Borrego State Park hike
Morteros were everywhere
Rocks boulders hiking with kids Anza Borrego
She looks awfully happy for getting wedged between two giant boulders!
Split Rock geology Anza Borrego Desert California
We did not try to fit through this one. However, look how perfectly this is sliced in half and how smooth the cut was made….truly remarkable acts of nature!
indian dwellings Anza Borrego hike
Lounging in our humble abode!
boondocking dry camping Anza Borrego trailer RV solar power
Living off the grid with our solar panels and soaking up the abundant desert sunshine!
Home is where your heart is….our heart is here!
using LED lights on RV for boondocking camping off the grid camping
Hubby makes this spot feel nice and cozy with our own light show!


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