Who doesn’t love playing in dirt and rocks?

This trip was all about dirt and rocks, since we admired and explored these mountains from the inside out!

 The Totally Trailer Gang is not shy about posting entries on the Anza Borrego Desert State Park, but this expansive park never ceases to amaze us.

Every time we visit, we uncover new treasures and find more adventures. On this trip we explored more mud caves and found a very prominent earthquake fault line. The mountains look as if they were cut apart, folded like an accordion and then clumsily glued back together.

Anza Borrego sits within a complex and intertwining zone of fault lines and active tectonic activity. According to scientists, the southern San Andreas Fault System has produced ongoing seismic activity for millions of years. This is the same system that caused two plates to diverge, therefore causing the Salton Sea (Trough) and the Gulf of California to open up. In the recent geological past, many basins in this area have been uplifted and manipulated. These shifts, lifts and erosion have formed breathtaking mountain ranges that look like intricate jigsaw puzzles with colorful bands and ribbons running through them.

Here’s a great quote that is fitting for this entry and for the Anza Borrego area: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and all science. — Albert Einstein”

Our picturesque boondocking camp spot in Mountain Palm Springs primitive campground
Check out these views of the valley…not too shabby!
The Cougar all nestled in to her spot
Looks like little one is enjoying the view too!
Incredible force from a fault line
The accordion ripples almost look man-made
A spooky entrance to one of the 22 mud caves in the area
Equipped with lanterns and flashlights we are off on another adventure deep within a cave
Little one is becoming one with nature and enjoying being inside the expansive mud cave system
Peeking out of the mud cave, there is nothing around for miles
Around every corner is a new surprise in the mud caves…like the streaming light!
A large cave system can suddenly make you feel so small


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