Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort


The final leg of our “shake down cruise” with the trailer led us down the San Andreas Fault, through the geology rich Mecca Hills, around the Salton Sea and at the Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort.


Hubby and I have been to Fountain of Youth before, but it was a first for all three of us (and with the new baby Cougar). We knew there were multiple pools and mineral tubs to choose from and usually a lot of other kids for her to hang out with. Driving through the Mecca Hills was a geologists dream, with portions of the landscape split in two from earthquakes. One area had protruding, jagged mountains slanting up the to right and the other side of the mountain was split in half and it was slanting heavily to the left (creating a perfectly carved V in the center of this wash). Amazing history of the fault zones here (San Andreas and San Jacinto) and some very impressive geological reminders that this area was created from massive earthquakes. We will be going back soon to do the Painted Canyon’s Hike and explore more of that area.


The first thing we did when we pulled into Fountain of Youth was head up to their RV wash area up in the dry camping lot. What a find this was!! For fifty cents we were able to wash and rinse off our car and trailer (and boy did it need it). The wash was on a paved slab and the hose had great water pressure (note, you do need a spray nozzle or attachment or your thumb will get tired).


Because hubby was in charge of the hose, we all got wet. Luckily it was hot and we all enjoyed the refreshing impromptu shower.


We got a spot close to the family pools and little one and I went right for the pools and sunbathing!


The park has 835 full hook up sites, 165 dry camp sites, 2 pools (adults only and family pool), Artesian mineral spa, 3 fresh water hot spas, 4 rec halls, 8 bathrooms (4 with showers), natural steam rooms and an oversize spa with a waterfall…and so much more! Little one found friends to “hang out with” (apparently I can’t say play with anymore because she is a teenager..haha). They played a unique teen version of water volleyball, which essentially means no rules, just lob the ball and hope to make it over the net. I got enjoy the warm sun and hubby got to enjoy the warm mineral baths. We all enjoyed the waterfall (some of us more than others) and overall had a great time at Fountain of Youth.


The next morning as we were unhooking and getting ready to leave. Hubby hooked up the black water flush tank for the first time and water started pouring out from under the bathroom sink. Apparently we had a leak and this was not tested at the dealership. We had a brief frantic moment of dashing around and mopping up water, before we found the little part inside the bathroom cabinet that was leaking. After drying off and calling



Earthquake Fault Line near Salton Sea
Fault Line Map of the Area


Mecca Hills geology earthquake fault
Mecca Hills with Geology Slanted Left from Earthquake Activity in the Area


dust devil storm Salton Sea California
Dust Devil at the Salton Sea


RV trailer wash at Fountain of Youth Spa Imperial County
Baby’s First Bath 🙂


Fountain of Youth pool and waterfall Niland California
Waterfall Fun at Fountain of Youth oversized Spa


Spa waterfall Fountain of Youth Niland california
Going on an adventure behind the waterfall


My two waterfall kids


Sunset near Salton Sea Fountain of Youth Niland
Another beautiful sunset from our site


2015 Keystone Cougar LED awning lights
First time using our very cool awning LED lights


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