Hiking Palomar Mountain


What can we say….we frolicked in the woods!


High above the city lights, Palomar Mountain majestically watches over North San Diego County.

At 6,142 feet elevation, it is dwarfed by the nearby San Bernardino and Riverside County mountain ranges, but it is nevertheless a quiet escape for many San Diegans.

Well known for it’s winter wonderland and summer camps, we chose to visit over spring break and enjoy the tranquil landscape, green fields and blooming flora and fauna. We were also greeted by wildlife and “oohed and ahhed” over a herd of deer that were grazing right in front of us.

We trekked “over the river and through the woods” and had a picnic at the pond (where the birds stole a cookie from my lunch bag….man, I really wanted that cookie). We hiked over, under and across fallen tree branches and found a multitude of trees riddled with woodpecker holes.
Palomar Mountain is also known for it’s 200 inch telescope and Observatory, but on this adventure, we stuck to the great outdoors! www.palomarsp.org


Welcome to Palomar Mountain State Park!


Sing with us… “Over the River and Through the Woods….”


This enormous fallen tree branch spans the entire forest floor, making it’s own bridge


Steady Now….Hiking across the “bridge”, it’s a lot higher up than it looks!


Fascinating hollowed out tree branch looked like a carved out canoe


Our Little Log Climber
When Wood Peckers Attack!


Hungry herd of deer don’t seem too bothered by us watching them


We call this one “Cirque De Hungry Deer”



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