Con Bro Chill Concert- Party Like a Neon Rock Star!


We seriously came to PARTY!


Let me first preface this post by saying that the “Totally Trailer Family” loves music! We love all kinds of music! Little one and I can regularly be spotted singing along to all of our favorite songs (or just about anything that comes on the radio). Hubby and I love to dance in front of her and embarrass her (because that’s what good parents do best) and overall we like to make sure little one stays well rounded, so we make sure she is exposed to all genres of music (cue the teenage eye rolling)….

Hubby started following a new band called Con Bro Chill, and their catchy “get up and dance” sound and fun/upbeat lyrics. Their videos are well produced with lots of crazy neon outfits (they call themselves #NeonArmy). The videos made us all gather around the computer to laugh and dance along. When he found out that Con Bro Chill was coming to our area, we naturally couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the family on a neon outing! We hit up a local WalMart and bought every piece of neon clothing we could find (which was surprising a lot)! Everything from neon tights, scarves, shirts, shoes and glow-sticks….we were set. The venue was small, but due to our outfits and the outfits of other concert goers, I am sure you could have seen us from space. We even got pictures with some of the band members after the show! What a fun experience for all of us!


We made our own Neon Army (the 80’s called and want their clothes back)!



Our concert flyer


Con Bro Chill rocking out in full costume on stage
Glow Stick Girl


Lead singerĀ stopping to sign autographs and pose for pictures



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