Horseback Riding in Saguaro National Park


Because horses need love at Christmas too


Christmas Eve was a special day for the Totally Trailer Team; we went on a leisurely horseback ride through the Saguaro National Park!

Houston’s Horseback Riding Company led our journey through the spectacular saguaros. Thousands of unique saguaros as far as the eye could see. Some had bird nests at eye level to peer into, some were crested (very rare….1 in every 3,000 have this rare mutation). We saw one very large hawk perched atop the tallest saguaro, we saw one of the oldest saguaro’s in the world, a big-eared jack rabbit, baby saguaros, twin saguaros and so much more. It was a perfect day to mosey through the park naming these funny cacti and noticing the different characteristics each plant had. Some had outie belly buttons and some had handle bar mustaches, while others looked like they were hugging or dancing; Magnificent creatures!

Our horses were very mellow and we rarely had to motivate them or even pull on the reins. I rode Neil, hubby had Sterling and our little one rode Lulu (named after Honolulu where she came from).
Awesome scenery, perfect weather and gentle horses made for a memorable Christmas Eve!


Houston’s Horseback Riding in Tucson, AZ


The gateway to our scenic ride


All lined up for the start of our 2 hour ride through the Saguaros
Little Cowgirl riding Lulu


 Handsome hubby riding Sterling


 Infant Saquaros


The epitome of a true Arizona Saguaro (as seen in all cartoons)!


Pit Stop for Lulu


Me and my shadow
Neil and I doing some bonding


 Totally Trailer Team wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Tucson



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