Triangle T Guest Ranch

Rock climbing and horse back riding, you better believe we stayed here!


After the Living Caverns, we continued to head East to Dragoon, Arizona where we found ourselves at Triangle T Guest Ranch. This ranch was recently renovated thanks to a show called “Hotel Impossible”. It was a real ranch with RV hook-ups, horse stables, Private cabins and bungalows, hiking/biking trails and some amazing grounds filled with massive boulders and great rock formations.


Triangle T Ranch

Our Campsite up against the boulders

The rock looked like a baseball glove

Campfire in the wilderness

We specifically chose this place for the rugged horseback riding in the picturesque setting. A certain little girl was so excited and loved her¬†trail ride. She had a horse named “Chiquita” which was perfect for her. Mommy had a gorgeous horse named “Cisco” and Hubby had a feisty guy named “Romeo”.

The Three Amigos

Amazing ride and trail

Me and my chariot


Little not watching where she’s driving


Hubby enjoying the trail ride

Ridin’ like a pro


Look at us making new friends


My favorite guy enjoying the last of the day

There was no real trail, as we wandered around the acreage surrounding the ranch on a perfectly sunny day….needless to say, it was a great adventure! After the ride, we walked around the ranch (which was deserted in the middle of the week) and admired the old stagecoach, played a little horseshoes and spent more time bonding with the horses and rock climbing. Our campsite was tucked up against a big boulder that had a split down the middle that we liked exploring. That night led to a big campfire and glo-stick dancing….Great time all around!¬†(Triangle T info)


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