Living Caverns!


Please don’t be alarmed, we are not bats (although we love being underground)!


The Kartchner Caverns in Benson, Arizona is something you have to see to believe…and since we were not allowed to bring cameras into the caves, I guess you will have to take our word for the amazing sights that sit underground. Since we were not allowed to bring cameras or phones into the caverns, we have included some other pictures of the caverns and the link to the park’s website to see their photo gallery:


State Park Sign

Walkway entrance to the caverns (we had to go through 6 temperature controlled doors)

Living Formations (they were still dripping)

The formations were unlike anything we have ever seen before and at times, left us in awe of God’s work and creation that lie just under the surface of a tiny mountain in Southern Arizona. We stayed at the State Park Campground which was right next to the caverns and museum (and just feet from the snow covered mountain….Southern Arizona had snow)? Despite the cold and snow, we loved the caverns and museum (and some great hiking trails with views).¬†On a side note, we did the Big Room tour, but there’s also another tour and cave there called the Throne Room (which holds completely different formations, which we would love to go back and see one day).

State park campsite


Fork in the road – Hiking trails within the park



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