Rainbow Basin and Owl Canyon


Boy Scouts were here, so it must be cool!


Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we headed out to Barstow and explored the amazing Rainbow Basin and the Owl Canyon campground. We also enjoyed some time at Calico and did some off roading. If you have time you should look up the history on how those mountains and colors were formed… It’s pretty incredible!



BLM primitive campground near Barstow, had amazing views

Give you some perspective on how big this rock formation was?

Us and our shadows…they follow us everywhere!


Rainbow Basin was magnificent, truly an epic geological and seismic formation

Our campsite was perfect for exploring and roasting marshmallows

Sheriff Haley is strict!

Love this sign…can we have one?

No surprise we are underground again


Easy off-road driving trail through Rainbow Basin

Mixing it up a little, we headed to Calico for some ghosts


We didn’t do any off-roading up there…(sly grin)


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