Palm Springs and Wild Animals


Hanging with our “wild” desert peeps


Palm Springs has always been a place we love to visit (it has warm weather ya know)! This time we camped outside of Palm Springs in Desert Hot Springs at Sam’s family resort. Although the resort was nothing to brag about, our trip was tons of fun. We found a great park and hiking area called Thousand Palms which sits directly on top of the San Andreas Fault and has a ton of history relating to a massive flood, earthquakes and of course….a thousand “giant” palms!


We also spent some time at the Living Desert which is a wonderful little park/zoo in Palm Desert. They have desert animals and we met some new friends like Mr. Bobcat who liked rolling around in the dirt, a gorgeous golden eagle, an overly friendly goat and some big horn sheep. We also spotted a beautiful Mountain Lion, though he was well hidden and preferred to peer around big rocks. This park also has hiking trails, although we always seem to run out of time because we pay too much attention to the wild animals!  Highly recommended place to visit if you’re in the Palm Desert area.


Mr Bobcat taking a bath after dinner

Ready to Play!

 Standing right on the San Andreas Fault at Thousand Palms Oasis

 Even though he’s in captivity they are very shy animals those eyes watched us for a long time

We got lucky enough to actually see more of this beautiful animal than most, last time all we saw was a paw hanging off a ledge.

The Totally Trailer gang at Living Desert with Frosty

Amazing Sun Rays off the back side of Idyllwild and the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Watch out for those Lions at the Living Desert, they like to sneak up on you!


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