Corn Springs Campground


They don’t serve corn on the cob here, FYI!

Normally Christmas time does not make you think of camping…but when you are “totally trailer” you will find any excuse to go RV’ing!


We had a whirlwind Christmas vacation that started with Corn Springs Campground which is run by the Bureau of Land Management just off Interstate 10 (outside of Indio). Once off the freeway, there is an 8 mile dirt road to get to the campground. The first night we were the only people camped there (although it is a relatively small campground with only 9 spaces).


The second night we had a visitor who was a little off his rocker…don’t ask….. The story behind Corn Springs is that is used to be a main thoroughfare for indians. The area has a bunch of petroglyphs carved into rocks just off the main road. The very top of one of the rocks has a petroglyph that is believed to be images of corn. They believe that at one time, the area may have been an important crop producing place that was well hidden and safe for their tribes. This area also sits on a natural spring which feeds the oasis surrounding the campground. Hence the name….Corn Springs!!


There is an interpretive trail that starts from the campground, in addition to easy hiking trails that had soooo many animal prints (check out our little bobcat prints) and of course, petroglyphs and peace and quiet. After Corn Springs we did one night of dry camping next to an old abandoned railroad off of Eagle Mountain Road. This railroad used to run into a now deserted Eagle Mountain Iron Mine”. This real life ghost town has some interesting history which you can check out at:,_California


 Corn Springs Petroglyphs

 The abandoned Eagle Mountain Railroad

 Corn Springs Oasis

 Corn Springs Campground Space #6

 Corn Springs entrance

 More Corn Springs Petroglyphs

 Now that’s a desert road worth exploring!

 Wonder if we can get a pizza delivered out here?

Moonlight campsite next to the Eagle Mountain Railroad

 Little bit of Gods art work, in an old Desert Iron Wood Tree stump

 Corn Springs historical marker

Small tunnel under the Eagle Mountain railroad

 Bobcat prints?  Thats a AA battery beside the print, from what we understand cat prints don’t show claw marks where as coyote prints will show a claw mark at the top of each toe pad.

On a mission to go somewhere


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